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Dec. 22nd, 2009

Back home. Spent a mere day and a half in London. Disappointing. Had a wonderful time in Greenwich, though. And in the West End.
I'm still in awe. And very much in love. Not hard to guess with whom.
Full story tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow.



Depeche Mode blew me away.


Dec. 14th, 2009

MJ exhibition was the best thing you could ever imagine.
Back home now. Stupid rain.



I swear the weirdest and scariest thing has just happened to me. I'm scared for life.
Not feeling well right now.


Moscow picspam.

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Moscow picspam! I finally found time to post it.


Awesomeness this way...Collapse )

Madrid + Picspam!!

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So I’ve finally found time to post an entry about my wonderful trip to Madrid. Initially, I was set to leave for Madrid on December 13 but, as usual, rotten luck struck me the night before leaving. That Wednesday was hell. After an almost-sleepless night, I woke up very early in the morning, went to the university, went shopping in the afternoon, packed my suitcase later on, went to my cousin’s birthday party in the evening. When I got back home, I was so exhausted I could not even keep my eyes open. And one hour or so later, I collapsed. My parents said it was because I don’t eat, my doctor said it was because I don’t eat enough plus I suffer from too much stress. Either way, I obviously couldn’t leave for my trip on Thursday, so I had to postpone it for a few days. I left on Sunday.
The vacation was shorter than we planned but amazing.

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Turns out I had a few stalkers, so I've just decided to make my LJ friends only.
Post a comment to this entry if you want to be added to my friends!

London, can you handle this?

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God bless Apple.
God bless iTunes.
God bless London.
God bless YOU ALL.

12 December 2006 = Best.Day.Ever.Collapse )

Hello everybody - Boring day

This is my first entry, so I'd like to say hello to all the people reading it.
I'd also like to say thanks a lot to Dom for being such an awesome friend.
Uni courses were quite okay today, but rather long. I met three friends of mine I hadn't seen in ages, and I was quite happy about it. Except I was in a hurry, so we didn't have the time to chat enough. And no Tash, you don't know them.
By the way, those people over there (you know where) are really getting on my nerves, they're all dumb and they usually act like kids. So I decided not to go there for a while; I'm not going to miss them and I guess they won't miss me (that is, if they ever notice I'm not there). I didn't even get the credit I deserved for helping them so much. They're just a bunch of selfish ignorants, they just ask and never give anything in return. That's it, I just wanted to say this, so that someone from there can read it and think about it for a moment.
See ya!

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